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Fake Bake Now in Stock !!

Fake Bake’s 5 Minute Mousse brand NEW ‘colour lockdown’

This formula gives an instant deep luxurious colour for a tan that is ‘ready to wear’. Simply apply, dry, dress and go! This non-transfer formula means your new golden glow stays put keeping your whites bright. Underneath the believably bronzed instant colour, a long lasting tan will continue to develop ready to be unveiled when showered off – leaving you looking just as fabulous in the morning as you did the night before.

Introducing Fake Bake’s New Amplify Daily Gradual Tan

The need for the perfect summer essential multi-purpose skin product is Fake Bake’s NEW Amplify Daily Gradual Tan this is the ticket, providing you with a passport to the perfect tan. It’s time to Amp things up in the season.

Boost – Containing an active plant based agent that is proven to increase the skins melanin production, this can be applied pre sun exposure. Skin will tan quicker, deeper and last longer.
A summer essential whether you are home or away.

Intensify – Contains gradual tanners that give skin a rich golden glow. Apply daily to create long lasting and deeper results; this streak free formulation will give ‘that glow” we all long for and extend the life of your natural tan.

Perfect – Luxuriously creamy but surprisingly light, this works to hydrate the skin leaving a skin perfecting veil that blurs minor imperfections and creates an even, youthful canvas.

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